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Elders of Congress seem unable to keep up with Rahul’s innovative ideas.

As if low turnout at his rallies, widespread criticism of his speech, and comparisons to BJP prime minister candidate Narendra Modi weren’t enough, Congress party insiders have now started to complain about Rahul’s leadership. Gandhi.

Only on Sunday, Union Minister Jairam Ramesh said he “agreed” with the view that Rahul should either clarify or apologize for his comments on Muslim boys victims of the Muzaffarnagar riots being vulnerable to ISI openings. The rest of the party immediately distanced itself from Ramesh’s remarks, and the minister himself was forced to say that it may have been misinterpreted, but the lack of cohesion was there for all to see.

Rahul Gandhi. PTI

Just before Ramesh made his comments, editors of Urdu newspapers and magazines told Ramesh and another congressional minister, Rajeev Shukla, that the minority community, longtime supporters of the Congress party, was not not very happy with Rahul’s tactless remarks. They suggested that Rahul should withdraw his statement that young Muslim boys among them could be recruited as terrorists.

The report quoted one of the editors as saying the message to the minority community awaited clarification.

Speaking about the meeting, Inquilab editor-in-chief Abdul Hai Khan said: “One of our colleagues raised the issue saying that Rahul’s statement sent the wrong message to the community and that an apology should be given. The Union Minister said he could not respond on behalf of the Vice President of Congress but his intentions should not be in doubt. ”

The incident is just one of many in which the congressional vice president has appeared disconnected from the immediate goal of his supporters, in upcoming polls. Ramesh himself said last week that Rahul sometimes focuses too much on the party’s long-term vision, perhaps at the cost of immediate electoral concerns.

Based on Rahul’s attempts, which have clearly failed in at least two of the five states going to the polls, to ensure ticket distribution is based on merit and not nepotism, his ideas for executives to log on with their constituents through social media initiatives such as the already forgotten Khidkee, his attempts to familiarize party workers with the UPA’s demonstration programs through sessions with UPA ministers at his urging for a new website for the party ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, the big old party alumni should have a hard time keeping up.

A report in The Economic times says the new war room of Congress is the core group around Rahul – and the old war room might just be preparing to bow out.

The report says: “The long-term vision is not the only change the 128-year-old party faces. In the past 10 months, Gandhi has completely changed the inner workings of the ruling party, introducing elements common to the corporate sector but unknown to political formations. Gandhi introduced new features such as quarterly reviews and goals for state organizations, questionnaires for senior leaders asking them to list their activities, and an application process for selecting candidates. “

The former Congressional War Room on Gurudwara Rakabganj Road in Delhi is said to still be researching ahead of elections, but Rahul has less and less need of these research reports with his own advisers who prevail. .

There has been some discontent that the elders see his core group either as business leaders or as “jholawallahs” (a reference to NGOs and members of civil society). To add to this, Rahul was reportedly often unavailable to meet with the elderly.

The most recent is a “Handbook” for Secretaries General of the All India Congress Committee, a four or five page document explaining what the job entails for AICC secretaries, many of whom have held office for years. One report states that Rahul was of the opinion that roles should be documented to help create accountability.

The congressional leadership must have spent a good chunk of Sunday fending off questions about Jairam Ramesh’s apparent blame for Rahul’s comments, and then answering questions about the abysmal attendance at Rahul’s rally in South Delhi. This cannot be a good sign as the party runs into 2014.

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