V Congress government led by Narayanasamy in Pondicherry was a disaster: PM


“The Congressional government led by V Narayanasamy in Pondicherry was a disaster”: PM (FILE)


Targeting top Congress leader V Narayanasamy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that the party’s previous government led by him was a “disaster” that failed on all fronts and underscored the NDA’s commitment to ensure its success. growth.

Addressing an NDA campaign rally attended by AINRC founder and former chief minister N Rangasamy, AIADMK and BJP leaders, Prime Minister Modi said he saw a “huge wave “support for the National Democratic Alliance in the election-related states of Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and this union territory.”

The single-phase ballot is scheduled for Pondicherry on April 6.

Training his guns against Narayansamy, who resigned as chief minister last month after his government was reduced to a minority following a series of resignations, Modi stressed that the top congressional leader was not contesting not the polls this time.

“In the long list of underperforming congressional governments over the years, the previous Pondicherry government holds a special place. The high command government, the Delhi high command government, has failed on all fronts, ”he said.

The Narayanasamy-led dispensation failed in all areas like education, filling medical seats, welfare of SC / ST communities and “there was loot and only loot,” Prime Minister Modi said. .

He alleged that congressmen “spoke openly about” corruption “directly linked to the family of the former chief minister”.

He had “quite a long experience in politics,” Prime Minister Modi said, adding that he had attended many elections but considered this year’s polls here to be “unique”.

“Because the incumbent chief minister did not receive a ticket. So many years of loyalty, of lifting leader’s slippers, of doing a bad translation to impress his leader (Rahul Gandhi) – still no ticket – this clearly shows how much of a disaster his government has turned out to be, “Prime Minister Modi said of Narayanasamy.

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