US congressional committee investigating January 6 attack receives “thousands of docs”


A US Congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurgency on Capitol Hill obtained “thousands of documents” before Thursday’s submission deadline.

The National Archives, which deals with presidential information, also began a survey of documents related to the office of former U.S. President Donald Trump, a Reuters report said on Friday.

The Democratic-controlled US House of Representatives last month requested documents related to the Capitol Hill attack from US businesses and government agencies – with a submission deadline of September 9.

“With several hours to go before today’s deadline, the select committee has received thousands of pages of documents in response to our first round of requests and our investigation team is actively engaged in maintaining this flow of information. “said the spokesperson for the committee.

The panel requested information from the White House held by the National Archives and Records Administration, in addition to documents from the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Home Affairs and Justice, and the FBI, from the National Counterterrorism. Center and the Director of National Intelligence.

He also asked social media companies like Facebook Inc, Twitter Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google to provide logs of posts related to the assault on Capitol Hill by Trump supporters.

The committee’s request included documents related to the violence and the days leading up to it, including the spread of false information and efforts to stop Joe Biden’s certification from being elected.

The lawsuits have also been posted on online forums and social media sites such as 4chan, 8kun, Gab, Parler, Reddit and Snapchat.

“The select committee is also aware that the National Archives have initiated the process required by law for the examination of presidential files,” the committee spokesman said in the statement, on information that the documents are protected by executive privilege.

Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, threatened companies that heeded the committee’s request, saying Republicans “won’t forget.”

Large numbers of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6 this year as the U.S. Congress convened to certify Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

Around 600 people were arrested in connection with the attack, described as the worst violence since the British invasion during the War of 1812.

Four people died in the attack, including a senior police officer.

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