Ukrainian Congressional Committee Boston Chapter calls for more support from allies after Russian invasion – CBS Boston

JAMAICA PLAIN (CBS) – Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine on Wednesday night, members of the Ukrainian Congress of America (UCCA) Committee are calling for a stronger response from the United States and its allies.

Vsevolod Petriv, of the Boston chapter of the UCCA, said sanctions against Russia were not enough.

“Putin has just shown that he is ready to trade lives. And we’re sitting there playing with dollars,” Petriv told WBZ-TV. “I would like to see a lot of support. And I would like to see the United States and the allies show a stronger position. Putin says he is ready to trade lives. And we are ready to stop it with sanctions. So we’re not doing well right now.

Petriv said he thinks Putin should be tried for war crimes.

UCCA has a national office in New York, an office in Washington, DC, and dozens of other local chapters across the country. The organization’s volunteers represent more than 1.5 million Ukrainian Americans.

“The only thing I’m really afraid of now is that because of the number of soldiers he has and all these positions, it might be, from his point of view, simpler and easier to come in and take the whole country,” Petriv said. “He’s going to have a hell of a fight, which means a lot of innocent blood will be on his hands.”

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