“There is no Congress government to live on this land and carry the praises of the enemy” News WAALI

Bombay, September 28: The Modi government at the Center has outlawed the People’s Front of India (PFI), its affiliates and all alliances. The Center banned all this for 5 years. The central government has also issued an official letter in this regard. The Home Office issued the order after preparations to ban the PFI had already begun. BJP leader Ram Kadam expressed the view that the ban was right.

What Ram Kadam said –

We only ate and drank in this country, but we sang the praises of our enemy country. How can a true citizen who loves India, tolerate the slogans of Pakistan Zindabad in the land of this country, and beyond that, our youth here. It is a changed India if they are to be energized and inspired to take part in militant activities. In India, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, action will be taken against those who commit unpatriotic and anti-national activities. BJP leader Ram Kadam criticized that there is no Congress government in India to live in this land and praise Shatruratra, they would have tolerated it. Meanwhile, the central government’s crackdown on the PFI continued on Tuesday. More than 90 workers were detained at various PFI sites in six states across the country. Related organizations such as CFI, All India Imam Council, Rehab India Foundation, National Women Front have also been declared illegal organizations. PFI was founded in Kerala in 2006 and claims to be leading a new social movement for the empowerment of marginalized sections of India. However, security agencies say the PFI promotes radical Islam. This organization is established in Kerala and its headquarters are in Delhi.

Read also – “Take your religion and live in Pakistan,” Raj Thackeray said as police from the respective states carried out raids in their respective areas on Tuesday. During the raids, police arrested 25 people in Assam, four in Maharashtra and 30 in Delhi, officials said. 21 people were arrested from Madhya Pradesh, 10 people from Gujarat and many from Karnataka. Assam officials said 25 PFI workers were arrested in different districts.

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