The previous Congress government was behind the financial crisis in the state: Himachal Pradesh CM Jai Ram Thakur | News from Shimla

SHIMLA: Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Jai Ram Thakur said on Monday that people across the country rightly rejected the Congress party and the BJP won in all four states where elections were held recently.
He said it was now Himachal Pradesh’s turn to reject the Congress party. He also blamed the Congress party for an economic crisis in the state. He said the reckless spending and unplanned development of the previous Congress government was the cause of financial crisis in the state.
The Chief Minister said this during a public meeting in Saho in Chamba Assembly Constituency In Monday. He said his government was providing a 50% discount on Himachal Road Transport Corporation bus fares to female commuters and up to 125 units of electricity per month were provided free of charge to electricity consumers, in addition to free water in rural areas of the state.
He said it was surprising that these decisions were not well received by congressional leaders. He said congressional leaders should voluntarily give up free electricity provided to consumers and even if they want to, they can even pay other consumers’ bills. He said the notification about the opening of Sub Tehsil in Saho will be done soon and a parking lot will be built in Saho for easy travel.
Jai Ram Thakur said that Chamba district has been declared an aspirational district by the Union government to ensure that the district receives additional funds for its development needs.
Addressing a delegation from Bharmour-Pangi region At Circuit House Chamb, the Chief Minister said that his government is committed to the development of tribal and backward areas and has made adequate budget allocation for tribal and backward areas.
He said the tribal and hardline areas of the state have witnessed unprecedented development during the tenure of the current state government. He accused the previous Congress administration of using tribal people as a simple vote bank. He said Congress leaders have done nothing for the development of these areas.
He said it was the first time the Sach Pass was opened to traffic in April this year. He said the condition of the roads in the tribal areas has improved significantly and adequate budget has been allocated to these areas.

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