The ‘power crisis’ continues to haunt the Congressional government in Punjab


As the electricity crisis continues to haunt the Congressional government in Punjab, Congressman Rajya Sabha, Partap Singh Bajwa, has called on the government to renegotiate the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and stop immediately what he called “the continuation of the organized looting of the public treasury”. .

“The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) authorized BSES, an electricity distribution company in Delhi, to renegotiate its power purchase agreement (PPA) with the NTPC-Dadri power plant on the 1st. July 2021. Similarly, Uttar Pradesh had also successfully renegotiated PPA signed. Why have concrete steps not been taken to date to do the same in the Punjab?

“There was a valid precedent and yet, after four years of state governance, the PPAs signed by the SAD-BJP government are still in effect. These agreements created an irreparable financial burden on the State. The same agents who negotiated these anti-Punjab PPAs on behalf of the previous government occupy important positions in the current waiver. It should be mentioned here that they can create an obstacle to any long-term change to the status quo, ”Bajwa said in a statement.

Mr Bajwa said Chief Minister Captian (retired) Amarinder Singh brought a draft “white paper” on PPAs to Vidhan Sabha in March 2020 and told the House that the document was ready but that he needed a little more work.

“The fact is, 16 months later, no such white paper laying bare the full picture has been released to date. In addition, the party has already sought to guarantee 200 units of free electricity to every household. It would be ideal if this policy is implemented and increased to 300 units, ”he said.

He called on the chief minister to stand firm and take strong action to remedy the situation. “The Punjab today occupies a unique position where it could become the country’s premier state for innovative and environmentally modern solutions to legacy problems. With the right measures and strong political will, the current government can put Punjab on the path to leading the nation for the long term. ”

Former Cabinet Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu also demanded a white paper on PPAs. In a tweet, Mr Sidhu said the white paper must be placed in the Vidhan Sabha to make the authors of these agreements accountable to the people. He said he has been demanding this since 2017, but the department’s bureaucratic control reduces elected ministers to centerpieces.

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