The government is trying to intimidate us by suspending MPs

Congress said on Monday that the government was trying to “intimidate” and that the party will not be intimidated. It came shortly after four of its MPs were suspended for the remainder of the session for interference in lok sabha procedure.

Manickam Tagore, TN Prathapan, Jothimani and Ramya Haridasfour Congress MPs, were expelled from the Lok Sabha for the remainder of the session for using placards to disrupt business after receiving a warning from the President Om Birla.

The government is trying to scare us by suspending our MPs, according to Gaurav Gogoi, the deputy leader of the Lok Sabha Congress, who also spoke with reporters in addition to the four suspended lawmakers. What did they do wrong? They were trying to raise issues that were important to individuals.

He argued that the Congress party would not be intimidated in this way.

“MPs were waving signs raising concerns about rising gas cylinder prices and the application of GST to products like flour and buttermilk. A discussion of these issues was requested in our adjournment petition, but none took place, he claimed.

One of the suspended lawmakers, Tagore, said Congress had called for a discussion of price increases and served adjournment motions in the previous six days, but the administration had shown a “total arrogance”.

“A Dalit woman was suspended from the Lok Sabha today as a tribal woman was sworn in as president,” he remarked. Tagore also claimed that the BJP just wanted Parliament to applaud its leaders and their triumph.

The Congress party will not be intimidated in any way.

“We made a great effort to place posters in the Chamber at camera angles. Placards are apparently not allowed to be displayed in Parliament. It is only acceptable to support Modi Ji,” he said. He argued that the Congress party would not be intimidated in this way.

MPs held signs that talked about the rising price of gas cylinders and the implementation of GST on items like bread and buttermilk. Our request for a postponement required consideration of these concerns, but none occurred,” he said.

Speaker Om Birla had previously warned protesting members, including those of Congress, TMC and DMK, that anyone who continued to shout slogans and hold signs outside the House beyond 3 p.m. should do so. TO DO.

After the House convened at 3 p.m., TMC MPs, who had been members of protesting opposition parties until then, withdrew from the protests. They can be seen sitting in their chairs.

A clearly furious Birla reminded fellow opposition members that the administration was ready to discuss their concerns and stressed that people wanted the House to work well as they continued to oppose. Birla then suspended the House until three o’clock.

However, as House business resumed, the slogans and signs persisted, drowning out the voices of MPs participating in Hour Zero.

The chairman of the meeting, Rajendra Agarwal, pleaded with opposition representatives to heed the chairman’s warning. He claimed the suspended members had engaged in “stubborn behavior”, “deliberately and repeatedly interrupted proceedings” and disobeyed orders from the Speaker of the House.

After a voice vote, the House approved the resolution and Agarwal declared their suspension. He then demanded that those listed in the resolution leave the House immediately. After that, the proceedings were suspended for the day.

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