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The Congress Party alleged that attempts were being made to overthrow its government in Rajasthan ahead of Rajya Sabha’s elections on June 19. Three seats in Rajasthan are up for election.

Sources say Congress has moved all of its MPs to an out-of-state compound. It comes after Madhya Pradesh’s congressional government collapsed after 22 MPs defected from the BJP. In July of last year, the party lost power to the BJP in Karnataka, where it ruled in alliance with HD Kumaraswamy, after many outings.

In a letter to the head of the State Anti-Corruption Bureau, the chief whip of the assembly of Rajasthan, Mahesh Joshi said, “like Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka, in Rajasthan, our MPs and independents who support us are drawn in with the aim of destabilizing a democratically elected government, entirely devoted to the service of the people”.

The letter does not name the BJP but says that “attempts are being made to attract MPs with the power of money”. In another interview, Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot said he had heard “reports that the BJP is prepared to spend up to 25-30 crore per MP”.

For now, Congress looks comfortable. But the BJP can turn the tide if it gets the support of 12 independents, who currently back Congress.

In recent months, Congress has lost seven of its deputies in Gujarat. Three of them recently resigned and it is feared that more will follow. In Gujarat too, elections for Rajya Sabha will take place.

A majority in Rajya Sabha is crucial for the BJP to get its bills through to the upper house of parliament.

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