The battle for power in Congress spills over into Vokkaliga territory

Group damage control mode as Seer Adichunchanagiri opposes Zameer’s statement

Group damage control mode as Seer Adichunchanagiri opposes Zameer’s statement

The power struggle in Congress over the post of chief minister has now spilled over into Vokkaliga territory. While former minister and MP for Chamarajpet BZ Zameer Ahmed Khan on Vokkaligas has annoyed many, Congress appears to be in damage control mode.

In a series of developments, former Minister and Congress Leader Mandya N. Cheluvarayaswamy met with KPCC Chairman DK Shivakumar as well as former MP Magadi Balakrishna to discuss fallout for Congress at the heart of the Vokkaliga.

Mr Zameer’s episode is the latest in the intense power struggle between former chief minister Siddaramaiah and Mr Shivakumar for the post of chief minister if Congress crosses the majority bar in the upcoming elections in the Assembly. Referring to an earlier appeal by Mr Shivakumar to the Vokkaliga community to support him in the election, Mr Khan had wanted Mr Siddaramaiah to be the next Chief Minister and commented on the Vokkaliga community.

Congress sources said Adichunchangiri Mutt seer Sri Nirmalanandanatha Swami objected to Mr Khan’s statement and conveyed the same to Vokkaliga leaders across Congress, BJP and Janata Dal ( secular), after which the Congress leader met with Mr. Shivakumar at his residence. in the wee hours of Sunday.

“No one talks about the Vokkaliga community that way. Mr. Khan is my good friend and I have personally told him a few times in the past not to talk like that. Talking specifically about the Vokkaliga community was not good and it should not continue. Only he has to say if he is speaking with an agenda,” Mr Cheluvarayaswamy told reporters. “He wasn’t like this before.”

Additionally, several senior congressional leaders, primarily those who identify as “original members of Congress,” have also met to discuss the matter and are likely to push for action against Mr. Khan, who is now seen as a leader who causes problems for the party with his outspoken statements. While Mr Khan, who has identified himself in the camp of opposition leader Siddaramaiah, could be warned, no big action is likely as it may send the wrong message to the Muslim community, sources said.

Meanwhile, wading through the murky waters of Congress, Revenue Minister R. Ashok said on Sunday that the Vokkaliga community was not “cheap” to be used for political purposes. “What is happening now between Mr. Shivakumar and Mr. Khan is not fair. Over the past week the Vokkaligas have been insulted and Congress should stop this. I warn those who talk about Vokkaligas to be careful of their language,” he said, adding that community psychics have expressed their pain over Congress leaders who have taken the community to the streets.

The BJP’s Vokkaliga leader predicted: “The BJP would benefit from the fight between Mr. Shivakumar and the JD(S) leader HD Kumaraswamy, who regard the Vokkaliga community as their own. Is it possible to become a community-based chief minister,” he asked.

BJP General Secretary CT Ravi said not everyone can become chief minister.

Speaking to Mr Shivakumar in Ramanagaram, the leader of Janata Dal (secular) and former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy said it was not enough to aspire to be chief minister, but the community should know how to people would benefit from it.

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