Sometimes sweet and hot.., the state of Congress government of Rajasthan is constantly changing

Jaipur: Even the political pundits are unable to say anything about what will happen in the Congress of Rajasthan. Indeed, recently, Sports Minister Ashok Chandna tweeted opening a front against CM Ashok Gehlot. In his tweet, he had offered to resign while writing against Principal Secretary Kuldeep Ranka.

In the tweet, he looked very angry with CM Ashok Gehlot. But, once again, Chandna’s attitude softened towards CM Ashok Gehlot. The Sports Minister has written in a new tweet that CM Ashok Gehlot is the caretaker of Rajasthan’s Congress family. He wrote that there had been a meaningful and lengthy discussion on all matters with the Honorable Chief Minister. He is the Congress Family Guardian of Rajasthan. Those who decide will do well. The BJP is united and mobilized for Apna Ghar Dekhi, Congress Parivar Mission 2023. Indeed, after meeting the CM, Sports Minister Ashok Chandna’s attitude seems to be softening.

Let us be informed that on Thursday, Sports Minister Ashok Chandana tweeted against the state government and wrote: “Honourable Chief Minister, I have a personal request of you to release me from this position of jealous minister and give charge of all my departments to Kuldeep Ranka .be given, because anyway he is the minister of all departments.

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