SDM Alwar suspended by Congress government in Rajasthan days after temple demolition

Days after the demolition of Alwar in Rajasthan, the region’s Deputy Magistrate, Keshav Kumar Meena, was suspended on Monday. Through a notification, the government of Rajasthan informed of the suspension of Meena, exercising the powers vested in him under Section 13 of the Civil Service of Rajasthan, 1958. The development comes after complaints were filed at Rajgarh police station of Alwar district against SDM with Executive Officer (EO) Banwari Lal Meena and Congress MP Johari Lal Meena for hurting religious feelings by smashing idols using a drill and a hammer, and also by entering the temple premises wearing shoes.

A temple was razed and idols mutilated as part of an anti-encroachment campaign by the administration to widen a road in the city. However, Republic TV recently granted the demolition proposal for 2021. According to the said proposal, there was mention of the resumption of Gaurav Road, the construction of which was interrupted in 2016. The order ordered that construction of the road be resumed after demolish an equal area on both sides of the road. In addition, the illegal encroachment had to be removed to ensure the construction of the road. However, there was no mention of the removal of the temple.

When confronted with the issue of the demolition of the temple, the DM said, “The investigation will be conducted in 6-7 days. We will investigate the videos and act on the investigation.

‘Rehabilitation according to report’

Besides the temple, several shops and houses were also razed in the neighborhood. Speaking on the same subject, the DM informed that a committee to review the demolition of the dwelling houses has already been constituted. The government official further said that a “sensitive investigation” will be carried out and based on it, necessary measures including rehabilitation will be taken.

“Rehabilitation will be based on the availability of the title deed,” he said, adding, “Those without papers will be relocated by the government.”

Image: PTI

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