Rajasthan Congress government badly caught in 2021 REET paper leak case

Jaipur: The Inquiry into Teacher Eligibility Test (REET 2021) was heard today in the High Court of Rajasthan. The High Court in its judgment said that the REET Level One exam will also be considered. If candidates are found to be appointed at level one, they will still be under the scanner. The Rajasthan High Court had today summoned Ashok Rathore, ADG of the Special Operations Group, which is investigating the case, to the court where Rathore submitted a progress report on the investigation.

Rathore told the court that the role of sacked chairman of the Rajasthan Secondary Education Board, DP Jaroli, has not yet come to light so he has not been questioned and no arrests are pending . The ADG of SOG also admitted that when the questionnaire was taken from the printing press to the vault, there were no security arrangements and there was no police car.

In the high court, when Anand Sharma, the lawyer for the REET candidates, asked how a private person, Ram Kripal Meena, was involved in the conduct of the review, CEO Ashok Rathore did not answer the question. question, even when the court asked him the question. More than 20 lakh students had taken the REET exam to become teachers, but after the questionnaire was released, the level two REET exam was canceled by the government and the whole matter was handed over to the SOG.

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