Punjab: Punjab Elections: Congress Government Lasted 5 Years, Not 111 Days, Says Manish Tewari | News Ludhiana

LUDHIANA: Former Union Minister and MP for Anandpur Sahib, Manish Tewari, during an interaction here on Wednesday appealed to the people to vote for the Congress and give a clear mandate. He also took pictures of his own party leaders, but stopped short of naming them.
Slamming the frequent rhetoric from Congress leaders that their government only lasted 111 days, he said: “To say that this government only lasted 111 days and not for five years is a symbol of childish thinking. I believe that the Congress government was in Punjab for five years and all the development works took place in the state for five years.Changes of guards and reshuffles often take place in the parties and the people of Punjab chose the Congress for five years; therefore, each work that has been done must be seen in continuity with the entire mandate.
Lashing out at Punjab leaders who have dismissed the threat to Pakistan’s state security, Tewari said: “There is a continuous threat to Punjab from Pakistan and if anyone does not take this seriously or undermining it, he is making a big mistake.There is no doubt, Pakistan since 1975 has made efforts to destabilize Punjab and it is certain that drones and weapons are coming from Pakistan.Even the central government in Parliament has accepted arms and drugs entering Punjab from Pakistan. Tewari also commented on the resignation of former Union Congress Minister Ashwani Kumar who resigned on Tuesday. “Ashwani Kumar leaving the party is very regrettable. Some of the issues he pointed out are real and a lot of people are worried about them, but those issues could be discussed later after the election,” he said.
Tewari also indirectly hinted that Ashwani Kumar might have left the Congress in the absence of a Punjab Rajya Sabha seat from another party. Tewari also said that he respects former Captain CM Amarinder Singh and he will continue to do so and is still in contact with him but these are personal relations and he does not believe in the type of politics being carried out. by some who previously praised the captain and are now. abuse him.
Tewari also lashed out at AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal. “Those who rake the Hindu-Sikh issue in Punjab are playing into the hands of the ISI,” he said.

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