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Tribune press service

Chandigarh, March 1

Amid slogans from opposition benches, the Congressional government today sought to focus on various pro-farmer initiatives taken against the implementation of central farm laws inside and outside the country. Vidhan Sabha.

Due to the heckling in the Assembly, Governor VP Singh Badnore had to shorten his speech from 48 pages to 19 minutes, saying the speech should be considered read. As a result, key points related to the various measures taken against the central agricultural laws have been omitted.

The governor’s speech pointed out that the Assembly has twice adopted resolutions urging the Center to withdraw agricultural laws, made three amendments to laws to mitigate the anticipated negative impact, reaffirming the interests of the agricultural community will be monitored.

He said the state government was fully aware of the concerns of the farmers and would not let the peasants suffer. The governor’s speech said, “My government is fully aware of the concerns of state farmers as they are the backbone of the state economy. We will not let farmers and farm workers suffer in any way. “

“They are concerned that these laws will disrupt the proven agricultural marketing systems established under the Punjab Agricultural Commodity Markets Act, 1961. There are also apprehensions about the dismantling of public markets for priced food grains. Minimum Support (MSP) ”address read.

“My government took these farmers’ concerns seriously. The House passed three amending laws to mitigate the anticipated negative impact of central laws. These laws are awaiting presidential approval under article 254 of the Constitution. My government is firmly convinced that the enactment of these three central laws is contrary to the principles of cooperative federalism, as agriculture is a state subject under entry 14 of list II of annex 7 of the Constitution. . The Chief Minister has repeatedly urged the Prime Minister to reconsider these laws, to concede at the request of the farmers and to withdraw these new central legislations, ”the governor’s speech said.

During the speech, the governor spoke about the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and the achievements of the state government. Although Covid-19 is currently under control, the unrest among farmers and the resulting effect on farming communities is causing “a lot of anxiety” among the common man.

Concern about the Covid

Although Covid-19 is currently under control, the agitation by farmers and its effect on the farming community is causing “a lot of anxiety” among the common man, the governor said.

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