PM Modi criticizes the Congress government in Germany, during his European visit

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi swept through Congress in Germany. He stressed that his BJP government is making sure that the people of the country receive maximum benefits. He was referring to former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s remarks, which the Supreme Court has already pointed out, that only a small part of the country’s revenue made it into people’s pockets. The BJP has used this statement repeatedly to highlight its success in ensuring that people benefit from the country’s progress.

“The way technology is integrated into governance in India today shows the political will of the New India… From now on, no prime minister will have to cry out, ‘I sent Re 1 from Delhi, but to barely 15 paise reach the people,” Prime Minister Modi said.

The BJP government has transferred more than 22 lakh crore to beneficiaries through direct benefit transfer over the past eight years, according to the PM. “New India not only plans for a secure future, it also takes risks, innovates and incubates. Around 2014, I remember that there were only 200 to 400 companies in our country. Today, there are currently over 68,000 start-ups and dozens of unicorns. » PM added

Highlighting the BJP’s efforts to bring states together, Prime Minister Modi again attacked the Congress and said that in the past, the country was one but there were two constitutions. He further questioned the former government and asked why it took so long to unite these states? Finally, he said that the BJP government had succeeded in uniting the states.

On Monday, Prime Minister Modi started his three-country European tour with Germany. On Tuesday he will travel to Denmark, after which he will travel to France.

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