Osun APC Ward Congress: Committee Assigns Passing Score to Group Defects Exercise


The Chairman of the Osun State National Committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Neighborhood Congress, Gbenga Elegbeleye, expressed his satisfaction with the conduct of the congresses held this weekend, calling them a huge success.

Elegbeleye also reiterated that the exercise was conducted in accordance with the principles and guidelines of the party as enshrined in its Constitution and in accordance with the directive of the national leadership of the APC.

At a press conference in Osogbo on Monday at the State Party Secretariat, the committee chair revealed that only candidates who collected the application forms, went through the selection process and attended the congress. were declared the winners.

He also denied the innuendo circulating that Committee members did not meet with party stakeholders prior to the exercise, adding that those peddling such innuendos were motivated by personal interests.

Elegbeleye revealed that the Committee had met with CPA stakeholders in the state, including the governor, three former deputy governors, sitting members of the National Assembly, the Speaker of the House of Assembly of the state, among other key party stakeholders.

He said it would be hypocritical of any enlightened mind and party member to say that those the Committee met were not CPA stakeholders in Osun, adding that they met with known leaders. party.

He argued that since the committee acted on the mandate of the National Secretariat, there is no way those who were not eligible could be declared winners.

“I have the forms for each of the three Senate districts with me and I take this opportunity, on behalf of my colleagues on the Congressional Committee to declare those who have been selected as elected representatives and new executives from each of the wards that ‘they represent,’ he said.

Meanwhile, The Osun Progressives (TOP), a group within the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun State, called an absurd lie, the committee chairman’s comment. of the Osun District Congress, Gbenga Elegbeleye.

TOP President Adelowo Adebiyi tasked Elegbeleye with telling the world where, when, and who performed the screening for 35 people in each of 30 local governments and an area office.

He asked Elegbeleye to tell the world how he managed to filter the number of candidates reaching several thousand when his committee arrived in Osogbo on the eve of the parish conventions and how he was able to produce the list of those who oversaw the congresses in each of the 332 neighborhoods other than the governor’s group, IleriOluwa, who harassed and intimidated hapless party members in most neighborhoods where elections were held.

He noted that it was sad that the representatives of the National Planning Committee of the Extraordinary Convention and the highly referenced and reputable custodians of the APC descended so low to tell a blatant lie in order to cover up the illegality they called Ward Congress.

The TOP chairman, who pointed out that Elegbeleye had harmed the party’s fragile image more than he had encountered with his malicious Congressional misconduct from the Saturday Room, accused him of failing to act in the interest of the party and argued that the press conference which aimed to change the well-known inequity committed on Saturday, July 31, 2021 was against democratic standards and died on arrival.

He called on the party’s national leaders to reject any false report presented to them by Elegbeleye, adding that he had clearly abandoned the mission he was sent to do and had come to an understanding with Governor Oyetola and his group, IleriOluwa. , probably due to a change in gain. hands to do evil in the name of the conduct of the ward convention.

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