On CAA and NPR, BJP reminds Congressional government of Section 365 | Bhopal News


BHOPAL: A day after CM Kamal Nath said the NPR update would not be implemented in the state, BJP states MP Rameshwar Sharma SAID are required to implement laws passed by the center.
“The Congressional government’s decision not to implement the NPR after the CAA is meant to gain political advantage by appeasing a certain community. The state is bound to apply the law or it will have to face the consequences of non-compliance with constitutional provisions. It will also encourage individuals to disobey the Constitution, ”Sharma said Tuesday.
Sharma reminded the government of article 365 of the Constitution, which states that if a state does not comply with instructions given by the Union government, it will be legal for the president to consider that a situation has occurred. in which the state government cannot be in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.
Union Minister Thawar Chand Gehlot also said the state government must accept the laws passed by the Center. “He (Nath) should implement it rather than oppose it. Whether it is the CAA or the NPR, the Indian government has the right to make laws and states must accept them. They cannot refuse, ”he said, adding,“ Even congressional lawyers like Kapil Sibal have said that state governments should implement laws passed by the Center. ”

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