Mumbai News Live Updates: Delhi boy who ‘came to see Mumbai’: Body in morgue, police try to trace teenager’s family

Faced with criticism for Vedanta-Foxconn choosing Gujarat over Maharashtra, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said that even if the semiconductor project went to the neighboring state, there will be huge “new investments in Maharashtra,” adding that he had discussions with Prime Minister Narendra. Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Mumbai Police have banned the transport of cattle in the city to prevent the spread of lumpy skin disease. Police issued an order to that effect on September 14 and it will remain in effect until October 13, an official said on Sunday. Anyone caught violating the order will be punished, he said. The area under the Mumbai police station is declared a “controlled area” for lumpy skin diseases, the order said.

As many as 2,053 pro bono claims filed by relatives of deceased Covid-19 patients in the state are under scrutiny for duplication. The state disaster management department has sent notices to recipients, notifying the FIR if they do not repay the additional amount.

Separately, the Mumbai Police Traffic Division reversed a decision by former police commissioner Sanjay Pandey and resumed towing vehicles in the city. The decision to prohibit the towing of the vehicles was made by Pandey who is now in the custody of the Enforcement Branch. He often claimed that there was “huge” corruption in vehicle towing.

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