Langworthy Announces Bid for 23rd Congressional District

New York Republican Party Chairman Nick Langworthy has officially announced that he is running for Congress in the new 23rd congressional district.

Langworthy filed petitions with the State Board of Elections on Thursday and released his friday morning campaign announcement video. He presented himself as a “fighter who knows how to win”.

“I took on Andrew Cuomo, Kathy Hochul and powerful Democratic bullies and got results. I led the charge to stop noncitizens from voting in the New York election,” Langworthy said.

Among the election issues the candidate highlighted, crises as he said, are inflation, record gas prices, open borders, threat to 2nd Amendment rights and police under attack.

“I will never stop fighting for our values, our rights and our community,” he said. “Western New York and the Southern Tier deserve a conservative Republican congressman who is tough enough to fight Joe Biden and the radicals in Washington and get real results for our taxpayers.”

Langworthy, the Republican former chairman of Erie County, recently moved to Niagara County. The redesigned NY-23 includes southern Erie County and the southern portion.

There is no requirement for a congressional candidate to live in that district, a rule that has become more evident in this year of redistricting. Langworthy clarified, however, that he grew up in the southern part and his family still lives there.

“When the New York Republican Party needed new leadership, President Trump called on me to turn things around,” Langworthy said.

The mention of the former president by the candidates was probably strategic. He and his likely main opponent, Carl Paladino, were early and staunch supporters of Trump and both are now vying for his support.

Friday is the deadline for submitting petitions and Paladino said he has more than enough to qualify for the ballot. Paladino and Langworthy have a long history even before their mutual support for Trump, as Langworthy was a strong supporter of the Buffalo businessman’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign when he was president of Erie County.

Paladino also does not currently reside in the new neighborhood. A third candidate who is expected to submit petitions, Fredonia businessman Marc Cenedella, lives within the district’s borders, although he recently moved back to the southern part.

The election opened a week ago when Rep. Chris Jacobs, R-NY-27, dropped out of the race. Jacobs faced immense pressure from the GOP and Conservative Party to step down after expressing support for several new gun laws, including a federal ban on AR-15-style rifles. .

The Conservative committee responsible for filling vacancies replaced Jacobs with Langworthy. Republicans opted for the option of having any candidate collect the required number of signatures in the new district.

Air Force veteran Max Della Pia is the Democratic-endorsed candidate for the general election. There is also a special election for the current NY-23 in August between Della Pia and Republican Steuben County Chairman Joe Sempolinski.

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