Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee Reorganizes to Focus on Smaller Panels | News Thiruvananthapuram

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The KPCC Political Affairs Committee decided to reject giant committees, which more often than not represented group politics rather than congressional politics within the KPCC.
The new KPCC will have only 51 members, including the board members. Lower-level committees would also be constituted in the same way, KPCC chairman K Sudhakaran said on Wednesday. The Political Affairs Committee took the decision to downsize the committees following consultations with senior leaders.
Sudhakaran said Congress would introduce a 10% reservation in party positions for women and SC / ST candidates. The main agenda of the party, he said, was to reinvigorate the party apparatus.
“Micro-level committees, covering 30 to 50 houses, will be introduced for the first time. Such committees are set up to improve the popular presence of the party. The attempt is to develop the party into a semi-framework party, ”Sudhakaran told reporters. The organizational overhaul will be completed in two to three months, he said.
The meeting of the Political Affairs Committee also decided to set up five zone committees to investigate the reasons for the party’s dismal performance during the legislative elections. Sudhakaran said the party would establish a “political school” to provide political education to party workers.
The new KPCC presidential candidates will be selected from party forums solely on the basis of merit and have warned against strict measures against those who engage in anti-party activity.
The party, he said, will soon set up a disciplinary committee to identify and tackle abuses of freedom in the party.
Sudhakaran said that all board members of the KPCC, DCC and other lower echelon committees will be full-time workers and that the KPCC will reserve the right to remove anyone from the party position, if it is. proves that he or she is failing in the performance of his or her duties. assigned to them.
Sudhakaran has denied rumors that MP K Muraleedharan skipped the Political Affairs Committee meeting because he was not one of the senior leaders Sudhakaran consulted before the Political Affairs Committee meeting.

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