K. Sudhakaran appointed Chairman of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee



He had also appointed Kodikunnil Suresh (MP), PT Thomas (MLA) and T. Siddique (MLA (as working chairs of the KPCC.

The Congressional High Command on Tuesday appointed K. Sudhakaran, MP, as the next chairman of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC).

Mr Sudhakaran, 73, said Rahul Gandhi informed him of the decision. “Rahul has a job for me to do. He wants me to take everyone and rebuild the party from the local level by pushing dedicated workers into leadership positions,” he said.

Among the members of Congress, Mr. Sudhakaran brought out the image of a strong man who had cut his teeth in the cradle of leftist politics in Kannur.

His rise as chairman of the KPCC arguably indicated the appetite of congressional workers for a change of direction after the party’s second consecutive defeat in the assembly election.

The AICC had also attempted to draw a line under factionalism, which dominated congressional politics in Kerala for decades.

The AICC had also re-engaged with powerful social groups by appointing VD Satheeshan as opposition leader and now Mr. Sudhakaran as state chairman of the party. He had also appointed Kodikunnil Suresh, MP, PT Thomas, MLA and T. Siddique, MLA, as working chairs of the KPCC. The three leaders represent critical demographics in Kerala.

A party insider said it was too early to spell the end of group politics in the Kerala Congress.

However, the appointment of Mr. Sudhakaran and Mr. Satheeshan to key positions signaled an intra-party realignment that transcended traditional group equations and marked the advent of a new axis that extended to New Delhi.

He said Mr. Sudhakaran faced the immense task of rebuilding Congress from pit level and upwards. The party’s dedicated workers were up to the task, and the organization had failed its candidates in the 2021 legislative elections.

Mr. Sudhakaran is also expected to reclaim his traditional base among Christian and Muslim communities and bring back Dalit and backward class voters.

They had drifted overwhelmingly towards the Democratic Left Front (LDF) in the 2021 Assembly polls. Sudhakaran must also maintain the party’s favor among advanced class communities. He must ensure that Congress has presented a united front and has not yielded the floor to the emerging BJP in the Kerala political debate.


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