JP Nadda accuses the Congressional government of the Punjab of using any tricks to scuttle the Prime Minister’s programs – The New Indian Express

Through PTI

NEW DELHI: BJP Chairman JP Nadda on Wednesday accused the Congressional government in Punjab of attempting “every trick possible to scuttle” Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s programs, including a rally, in the state.

Strike the state government after Modi’s rally was canceled and another program disrupted as demonstrators blocked his way Violating security protocol, Nadda said what is extremely worrying is that the incident was also a serious security breach.

“Protesters were given access to the prime minister’s road while the Punjab CS (chief secretary) and DGP assured SPG the road was clear. To make matters worse, CM Channi refused to phone to resolve the issue. “or solve the problem. The tactics used by the Congressional government in Punjab would hurt anyone who believes in democratic principles,” he said in a tweet.

Nadda alleged that state police were instructed to prevent people from attending Modi’s rally and that a large number of buses were stranded due to the brutality of the police in collusion with the protesters.

In doing so, they did not bother for the prime minister to pay homage to Bhagat Singh and other freedom fighters, and lay the foundation for key development work, the BJP chairman said.

“By their cheap antics, the Congressional government of Punjab has shown that it is anti-development and has no respect for freedom fighters,” he said, alleging that this had was done as the state’s ruling party feared a resounding defeat in the upcoming Assembly polls.

“It is sad that the Prime Minister’s visit to launch development projects worth thousands of crore for the Punjab has been interrupted. But we will not let such a cheap mentality hamper the progress of Punjab and continue the efforts for the development of Punjab, ”Nadda said.

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