“Jagdish Thakor will be the new chairman of the congressional committee of Gujarat Pradesh, Rathwa LOP”

Gandhinagar, December 2 (IANS): Sources in Congress have reported that former MK Jagdish Thakor has been chosen as the new chairman of the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC), although an official announcement was made on Friday. The leader of the opposition party (LOP) will be Sukhram Rathwa.

The post of president became vacant after incumbent President Amit Chavda tendered his resignation following the 2017 State Assembly elections. LOP Paresh Dhanani had also resigned although the two resignations did not been accepted by the party’s high command in New Delhi.

For some time, rumors had circulated about vacancies before Diwali and then after Diwali. But the posts remained vacant and it seemed that the High Command was confused about the situation.

But according to sources from the big old party, Jagdish Thakor’s name has now been finalized. LOP’s name has also been finalized according to sources, with Sukhram Rathwa replacing Dhanani.

Born July 1, 1957, Thakor’s political journey began as a student leader when he joined Navnirman Andolan while studying at a high school on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. Later, by a stroke of fate, Kapadvanj’s congressional candidate Fulsinh refused to stand for election at the last moment, giving Thakor a chance to fight the 1998 parliamentary elections. However, he lost to Jaysinh Chauhan of the BJP by around 39,000 votes.

However, he enjoyed strong support from the Thakor community and his participation in educational activities quickly brought him to the Gujarat Assembly from the siege of Dehgam in 2002, even as the wave of saffron swept through the world. State. Thakor again won the seat in the 2007 parliamentary elections, but resigned after winning Patan’s parliamentary seat in 2009.

The Congressional High Command also chose tribal leader Sukhram Rathwa, the legislator of Chotta Udepur constituency, as LOP.

“Yes, the news regarding the two positions held by the party’s high command is true. The head of the GPCC will be Jagdish Thakor and LOP will be Rathwa. But the official announcement could be made later in the evening,” Amit Chavda said. at IANS.

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