If Congressional government is formed in 2023, all farmer loans will be canceled: Kamal Nath


Bhopal: By-elections for a Lok Sabha and three seats in the Assembly are planned in Madhya Pradesh. Although the results of these elections will not have much of an impact on the state’s BJP government. The Congress Party considers them to be the semi-finals of the next legislative elections in 2023. It is for this reason that the Congress Party seems to have put all its emphasis on these elections. Former chief minister and congressman Kamal Nath is involved in the same episode. He frequently organizes gatherings.

Also last Saturday, he held a public meeting for the Congress party candidate in Khandwa Lok Sabha. In the meantime, he criticized the BJP for the farmers’ protest and the current electricity crisis. He said, “Our culture cherishes society. Our country is a country where people of all religions, castes and peoples live with love and harmony under one flag. We must all protect our culture which is under attack together.

Referring to Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, he said: “Babasaheb Ambedkar created a constitution in which people of all religions and cultures live today. We should always be ready and moving forward to protect this culture. reins of government, Madhya Pradesh has been identified by the mafia. I launched a Madhya Pradesh campaign without the mafia. They knew that they could neither beat nor suppress Kamal Nath, hence the task of eliminating Kamal Nath in a plot to save the Mafia. When the Congressional government is formed in 2023, all farmers’ loans will be canceled. ”

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