If Congress government is formed in Uttarakhand then these people will get huge benefits

Dehradun: If you think you are going to get a bottle of gas for Rs 500 or less when the Congress government is formed in the state, forget it. According to Opposition Leader Pritam Singh, nothing like this will happen. The party’s announcement is aimed only at the economically weakest sections of the population.

On the other hand, former CM Harish Rawat and the party’s national spokesperson Prof. Gaurav Vallabh claim that if not, the benefit of this announcement will be available to anyone in the state. In its 68-page manifesto, the Congress party specifically mentioned four major announcements linking Chardham Char Kaam to Uttarakhand’s self-respect. One of these announcements will not be for gas canisters even over 500. Now clouds of doubt have begun to hang over this party announcement even before the formation of the government. In one of his interviews, the leader of the opposition clearly said that it is not possible for everyone to benefit from this announcement.

This announcement concerns only the economically weakest sections. For this, economically weaker people will be identified by conducting a separate survey other than the BPL survey. On this subject, the leader of the opposition Pritam Singh admitted that it is not possible to benefit everyone from this regime.

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