Former J&K Pradesh Congress Committee Chairman Peerzada Mohammad Sayeed resigns from the party

Srinagar, Aug 31 (PTI) Former Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Congress Committee (JKPCC), Peerzada Mohammad Sayeed, resigned from the party on Wednesday.

He also pledged to support veteran leader Gulab Nabi Azad who is about to form his new party in Jammu and Kashmir.

It should be noted that after the departure of Ghulam Nabi Azad from the Congress on Friday, the process of leaving the Party of Jammu and Kashmir Unity leaders from the Congress continues. A day earlier on Tuesday, 64 leaders, including Jammu and Kashmir’s former deputy chief minister, Tarachand, resigned from Congress.

Sayeed told reporters: “There is a limit to tolerance. I felt smothered in the Congress party. Therefore, I am severing ties with Congress after almost 50 years with a heavy heart. He served as a minister in several governments in Jammu and Kashmir.

He said he made the decision to leave the Congress based on the reaction of the Kokernag Assembly people.

“People I represent have said… the party leadership is not paying attention to the reaction from the ground,” Saeed said. I have never seen such a bad situation in my last 50 years in Congress. I had to listen to the people in my riding.

Saeed was accompanied by former Legislative Councilor (MLC) and party leader Muzaffar Parre and dozens of other leaders and workers at the press conference.

When Saeed was asked if any other leaders would be leaving Congress in the coming days, he replied that there weren’t many leaders left in Congress.

Sayeed said, “Who’s left in Congress now? All top leaders have left the party.

Asked when he left the party, Sayeed said he had been in regular contact with Azad for several years.

“Azad often expressed his helplessness by saying that no one in the party listens to him. We asked him to quit the party and promised to support him.


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