Five challenges for the Congressional government as it ends three years in office


The Congressional government in Rajasthan has completed three years in power. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot may claim to have converted 70% of the promises made in the Congress manifesto into a political document, but the road ahead for the government is fraught with challenges.

Presenting a united front and saving the Congressional government in Rajasthan remains one of the main achievements of three-time chief minister Ashok Gehlot. But at the same time, two years away from the legislative elections, the Congressional government faces five major challenges, including: strengthening the party, resolving the feud between the two factions, political appointments, rekindling the support of minority and marginalized communities, implementation of the agricultural credit exemption and job creation for unemployed young people.

Speaking about the achievements of the state government over the past three years at Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur, Gehlot claimed that more than 70% of the promises made in the Congress manifesto turned into a political document and 85% of the Budget announcements made over the past three years had been executed.

However, the BJP opposition criticized the Gehlot government for not keeping its promises. Rajasthan BJP President Satish Poonia called Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot a “ghoshnajeevi” and accused him of only making announcements for the past three years.

The five challenges ahead

One of the major challenges of the Gehlot government is to grant loan waivers to farmers and to create jobs for the unemployed. While agricultural loans to state cooperative banks have been canceled in accordance with Congress’ promise made in the manifesto, the cancellation of loans to national and commercial banks is still pending. Likewise, unemployed youth have staged protests to constantly demand jobs and monthly benefits, as promised in the manifesto.

“In the 2018 manifesto, Congress promised to give up the entire loan for all farmers, but 60 lakh farmers are still waiting for the loan to be surrendered. Instead of keeping the announcements and promises, the chief minister is deceiving people around him and busy making false announcements but there is nothing on the ground, “Poonia said.

Likewise, strengthening the party in the state and resolving the feud between the two factions in Congress remains one of the main challenges for Gehlot who claims to return to power in 2023. He may have tried to appease all of them. communities and factions within the party by housing its members in its council of ministers but the leader of the Congress still faces many challenges.

With 15 ministers inducted into the existing pool, Rajasthan now has 30 members in its cabinet, including Chief Minister Gehlot, the most it can have.

Of the 15 new ministers, five were among the eighteen loyalists of Sachin Pilot, who supported him during the month-long political crisis that ravaged the state in July 2020.

“The Congressional government has attempted to appease all factions by accommodating members of its council, but the main task still remains to eliminate the differences on the ground. The focus should now be on empowering ground workers and leaders with different roles, ”a senior congressional official told Outlook.

Several members of the Congress party have also demanded to welcome them to various positions in numerous boards, societies, commissions and even statutory bodies of the state – such as the Women’s Commission, the Minorities Commission and the SC Commission. The positions of these committees are vacant and the bodies have been run by the bureaucrats. Additionally, members of the National Women’s Commission have also taken notice of and criticized the Gehlot government for failing to constitute the state Women’s Commission, especially when the latest NCRB data showed that crime against women women were increasing in the state.

“Party members, especially leaders who lost in elections or who worked on the ground, are eyeing these posts. But because of factionalism, their appointments were suspended. But following the expansion of the cabinet, filling these positions should be the top priority of the Congressional government, ”said a congressional leader.

In addition to securing a truce between the two factions, another challenge will be to appease marginalized and minority votes, in view of the Assembly elections in two years.

Gehlot succeeded in including members of all communities in the cabinet, including four members of the Listed Castes (SC) for the first time, three ministers of the Listed Tribe Community (ST). The newly formed cabinet also has three women: Muslim, one from the SC community and one from the Gujjar community. Despite the inclusion of minority members in the cabinet, as the challenges remain high, the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) is expected to make its debut in Rajasthan.

A month ago, Asadudin Owaisi, the leader of AIMIM made official the launch of his party in Rajasthan within two months, which would stand in the legislative elections of Rajasthan in 2023. However, he did not disclose the number of assembly seats and constituencies the party would contest. to.

“Political parties like AIMIM, BTP and BSP, could be a challenge for the Congress party in the 2023 polls. While AIMIM does its best to woo minority voters, BSP supremo Mayawati will spare no effort to get revenge on the Congressional government which has managed to poach six deputies from the BSP, ”a senior congress official close to Gehlot told Outlook.

As challenges remain for the Congressional government in 2023, CM Gehlot not only appeared confident but also claimed that the people of Rajasthan loved him and wanted him to return. Speaking at the first graduation ceremony of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Law University at Birla Auditorium in Jaipur, he added: all three times. I am sure our party will return to power in the 2023 polls ”.

Meanwhile, realizing that the elections are two years away, in an effort to resolve the public’s issues and establish a dialogue with them, the party has already made a list for jansunvai (public hearing) which will have held the first three days of a week.


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