Faith in Action: November 21, 2021 – Urge Congress to Support the Afghan Adjustment Act

Each week at All Saints Church, we put our faith into action. This week, we sign a letter to our members of Congress urging them to support the introduction and passage of the Afghan Adjustment Act.

Over the past few weeks, several thousand Afghans have arrived in the United States and many more are being processed and checked at US military bases abroad. Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMMs) and other refugee resettlement agencies have taken enormous steps to resettle these arrivals. While Congress passed a law that increases the number of Afghan arrivals eligible for refugee resettlement benefits and provided EMM with funding to assist with the resettlement of these people, long-term legal and administrative hurdles remain that prevent the full integration of our new neighbors.

In response to these challenges, we renew our appeal to Congress to present and pass an Afghan adjustment law that would create a specific program allowing all Afghan arrivals to apply directly for a green card without having to go through others. channels such as the asylum system. .

This problem is particularly acute for Afghans who arrived through a process known as humanitarian parole. On parole, Afghans can enter and remain in the United States like their compatriots who arrive through other programs such as the Special Immigration Visa (SIV) and the United States refugee admission programs. While the latter two programs provide dedicated channels for Afghans to apply for a green card, those arriving on parole are granted temporary status that does not have these dedicated channels. Instead, these people must find other ways to apply for a green card, including applying through the asylum program which has a large backlog of cases that can leave these people waiting for their cases to be resolved for years. .

Taking the measures proposed in the Afghan Adjustment Act would continue to promote the full social and economic integration of newcomers to the United States, including refugees seeking protection in the United States, having laid the groundwork for the successful integration of our allies. Afghans.

Options for signing:

  1. Sign a letter to the Action Table on Sunday morning.
  2. Download a PDF copy of the letter to sign and mail.

THEletter used at the action table. Letter used for those outside of California.

  1. Click on this link to sign an online petition.

If you ever need to search for your US House of Representatives member or US Senators, check here: and


Support the resettlement of refugees

Episcopal Migration Ministries, the Episcopal Church’s refugee resettlement and migration ministry, is currently working in partnership with the U.S. government to assist Afghan SIVs and other newcomers to resettle and provide direct services through a network of 11 affiliates across the United States. and resettle Afghans in the United States through our affiliate network and engagement programs, housing assistance continues to be the greatest need. Those who wish to financially support these efforts can donate online here or donate by mail and send checks to:

DFMS-Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States
BP 958983
Saint-Louis, MO 63195-8983
(Include “episcopal migration ministries and Afghan SIVs” in the line of the memo)


If you are interested in volunteering or community sponsorship opportunities to support our Afghan allies, please complete this interest form. Finally, information for Afghan nationals on resettlement efforts is available here. We thank everyone for offering their support as Episcopal Migration Ministries do this vital work.

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