Enugu APC receives 7 members of the congress committee of the local government


The All Progressives Congress (APC), a chapter in Enugu State, said it had received a seven-member local government congress committee that would hold congresses in the state.

The chairman of the interim APC committee in the state, Chief Chikwado Chukwwunta, led party stakeholders to receive the committee in Enugu on Friday.

Chukwwunta said option A4 and voice voting would be used to elect local government executives.

He revealed that the 27 ward directors were the only delegates who would vote during the convention, adding that logistics arrangements had been made.

He promised party supporters that arrangements had been made to hold the Congress of Local Governments of the APC in the state.

In his remarks, the chairman of the APC Local Government Committee for Enugu State, Dr Ijeoma Arodiogbu, said that all the logistics necessary for the exercise had been successfully deployed for a smooth congress.

Arodiogbu added that the congress, which would see the election of local government executives, would be held in the state’s 17 local government zones.

According to him, the Local Government Congress, which comes a month after the constituency congress, aims to strengthen the CPA in Enugu State, which is in line with the party’s program to take control of the Status in 2023.

He advised delegates to travel to their respective neighborhoods to vote for the candidates of their choice, stressing that politics is best played at the local level.

Arodiogbu expressed optimism that the strengthening of the party would make the APC a formidable party capable of taking over from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) government.

In addition, the former speaker of the Enugu National Assembly, Mr. Eugene Odo, urged the delegates to actively participate in the congress.

Odo said the wheel of progress in terms of good governance was steadily declining in Enugu state, a development that had deprived the state of any improvement.

The former president then called on locals and residents to join the APC in improving the fortunes of Enugu state.

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