Dissolved Karnataka Pradesh congress committee: what the overhaul means for the party



The AICC dissolved the current KPCC committee, with only Chairman Dinesh Gundu Rap and Labor Chairman Eshwar Khandre remaining unchanged.

The All India Congress Committee dissolved the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) on Wednesday. The AICC decided to dissolve all structures within the KPCC, including the district and block congressional committees. The move comes weeks after the beating in the Lok Sabha election, where the ruling JD (S) -Congress group only managed to win one constituency each out of the state’s 28 seats.

AICC General Secretary KC Venugopal issued a press release on Wednesday stating the same. “The AICC has decided to dissolve the current committee of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee. The president and working president [Dinesh Gundu Rao and Eshwar Khandre] remain unchanged, “the press release said.

Speaking to TNM, KPCC Chairman Dinesh Gundu Rao said: “The president of Congress has given his approval. Now we also need to reorganize the party at the district and block level. It will be a total overhaul of the party at all levels.

Sources in Congress reveal that blunders by existing heads of various committees in Karnataka and growing failures by heads of state led the AICC to make this decision. The decision is seen as a decision to clean up disorganized party structures and eliminate non-performers to bring in a new team.

Speaking to TNM, a congressional official said that following the massive setback in Lok Sabha’s elections, the leadership in New Delhi has decided to clean up the party and restructure it, and Karnataka is where they plan to start.

Non-performing seniors

The last three or four years of the Karnataka Congress have seen the party collapse due to a multitude of reasons, including strategies gone awry; senior leaders clinging to power, unwilling to give those who are capable of it a chance to prove themselves; and above all factionalism, which left a gaping hole in the unity of the party.

Congressional insiders say the decision to dissolve the KPCC is seen as the high command’s decision to warn senior leaders and their loyalists that internal strife and lack of unity would inadvertently have consequences.

“For over 10 years, most of the Chairs of District Convention Committees (DCCs) and members of those District Committees have been the ones supporting Dr. G Parameshwara. They have been around the bloc since he was KPCC president. National leaders wanted to change them before the Assembly and the Lok Sabha elections, but Parameshwara convinced the high command not to do so. They broke their promises in key constituencies, where Congress could have easily won. This decision is a way of telling Parameshwara that he must concentrate on his role as deputy CM and forget about running the party’s affairs, ”said a congressional official.

Cut off Siddaramaiah’s wings

Known as a strategist and mass leader, Siddaramaiah, who has always been seen as an outsider due to his previous role in the JD (S), was accepted by several prominent figures in Congress after becoming the chief minister.

However, his detractors constantly reminded him that he could easily be overpowered if he didn’t keep his cards tight and, more importantly, a tight grip on the workings of the party and government.

“Siddaramaiah started making a series of bad decisions. The first was to alienate the huge Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Kodava and other communities of Karnataka when he launched the Kannada pride movement, ”said a congressional leader.

While not such a big blunder, the second was the separate religious movement Lingayat, which dug a deep rift enough to reduce the party’s credibility in northern and central Karnataka. The third big mistake, sources say, are the searches he carried out against former Prime Minister and Patriarch JD (S) Deve Gowda in the 2018 parliamentary elections, which tarnished the party’s image in the eyes of the Vokkaliga community.

“When he became CM, many leaders informed the high command that Parameshwara was to become Deputy CM and that DK Shivakumar was to be appointed President of the KPCC. Siddaramaiah did not allow this to happen. Over the years, especially during the Assembly elections in 2018, he started making bad decisions one after another and he was never held accountable, ”the source said.

The last straw, according to a senior congressional official, was when Siddaramaaiah began to control nominations within the KPCC while favoring only those from the Kuruba community. “From leader Ahinda, he became a leader Kuruba. Communities that felt alienated moved to the BJP but Siddaramaiah refused to change his position, ”the source said.

Congress insiders say national leaders are now under pressure to hold Siddaramaiah accountable for his actions and to ensure that the decisions he now makes are in the best interests of the party and not for personal gain or for the benefit of the party. his supporters.

Sources said that in the coming days, Siddaramaiah could be removed from his post as chairman of the coalition coordinating committee.


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