Cuttack District Convention Committee donates bathroom door to CMC Mayor

In an unusual form of protest, members of the Cuttack District Congressional Committee on Wednesday offered a bathroom door to CMC Mayor Subhash Chandra Singh after observing that he could not afford to fix a door in his bathroom when he was asked about different development work for various neighborhoods. .

Singh had made the statement on Tuesday during a CMC council meeting related to the upcoming Durga Puja. Opposition members entered the meeting room to draw Singh’s attention and describe the fate of their respective quarters.

When they asked Singh about his promise of development work for various departments, as discussed in previous meetings, he became furious and said his bathroom door was broken and he couldn’t even fix it. that.

Shortly after his statement went viral, members of the Congressional Committee today purchased a bathroom door and handed it over to the CMC commissioner to be given to Singh. A team led by Cuttack Zilla Congressional Committee Chairman Manas Choudhury met with the CMC Commissioner, handed the door to him, and asked him to hand it over to Singh.

Cuttack District Convention Committee Chairman Manas Choudhury said: ‘What will the situation be if he goes to the bathroom with no door. His situation is similar to that of the JICA project. He says he can’t afford a door. So, we have brought a door for him and will also give Rs 500 for assembly fee.

“If a mayor can’t fix a door on his bathroom, then what job will he do for the CMC. I think he may not have received clearance from the CMC commissioner or the third floor. He has no power of his own until the order comes from the third floor. So we decided to give her a bathroom door,” he added.

A day ago, BJP leaders created a ruckus at the Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) board meeting by storming into the meeting room and showing black flags to CMC Mayor Subhash Singh .

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