Congressman Zameer Ahmed Khan claims Muslims outnumber Vokkaligas and angers party

Karnataka Congressman Zameer Ahmed Khan recently courted controversy after he claims that the numerical strength of Muslims is superior to the politically dominant Vokkaliga community in the state.

He made controversial remarks in support of Siddaramaiah’s bid to become the Congress CM nominee in the upcoming Assembly elections. Siddaramiah faces stiff competition from party chairman DK Shivakumar, who happens to be a Vokkaliga.

In order to nullify the Shivakumar recent call to his community to support his candidacy for the post of prime minister, Zameer Ahmed Khan reminded him that the Vokalligas do not enjoy numerical superiority in the state.

“No one can become a CM with the support of a community, everyone has the desire to become a CM. That’s not wrong! But, it is only possible (to become a CM) by bringing together all the communities “, did he declare.

Khan caused controversy when he said, “I also want to become a CM, the percentage of my community is higher than that of Vokkaligas. Is it possible for me to become a CM, just with the support of my community? Not possible.”

It should be mentioned that the Vokkaligas constitute a major vote bank in the south of Karnataka and the former region of Mysuru. Fearing backlash from the Vokkaliga community, the Congress party went into “damage control mode” and ordered Khan to exercise restraint.

“You are warned to be careful in the future when making public remarks and to firmly adhere to party discipline and ideology,” reads a letter from Congress General Secretary Randeep S Surjewala.

R Ashoka, leader of BJP Vokkaliga noticed“Fix your problems inside, don’t bring the community, this country works according to the Constitution, where CM is for the whole state and not for a community…Congress is talking about Vokkaliga. I am also a Vokkaliga, what rights do they have to talk about Vokkaligas?”

“The community is respected, the (largely agricultural) community provides food for society,” he stressed, adding that Zameer Ahmed Khan should refrain from crossing the border. Lakshman Rekha.

CT Ravi, leader of the BJP said“That time is long gone, Zameer Bhai…Threats and blackmail in the name of the vote bank are long gone. Jai” and working for people.

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