Congressional Policy on the Agnipath Threat to National Security: Gunjan

Mail news service

Jamshedpur, June 27: The BJP has called Congress’ opposition to the Agnipath project a pure political ploy detrimental to national security. Addressing Congress’s opposition to the central government’s Agnipath programme, BJP Mahanagar Chairman Gunjan Yadav said, “The Congress policy on the Agnipath issue is a hoax to mislead people, especially the segment young people for whom the program was envisaged. Congress does nothing for the development of the nation. In fact, Congressional policy on the Agnipath Scheme is a threat to national security.

Dubbing the Congress ploy to tarnish the concept of Agnipath Scheme, BJP Mahanagar Chairman Gunjan Yadav said, “The Congress political game was further extended by the district wing of the party when a delegation went to the deputy commissioner’s office and Birsanagar where the congress executives laughed at themselves. Congress is misleading people about the Agnipath scheme. This attitude, unfortunately, goes against the security of the country.
The central government, senior BJP officials said, has released a new Agnipath scheme for defense service recruitment as it would provide job opportunities for young people. BJP Chairman Mahanagar said, “Opposition parties including the Congress were watching their bleak future and hence their ploy to oppose Agnipath which was designed for the bright future of the youth.”

Fearing that the popularity of the Agnipath program would be disastrous for their political future, Congress was determined to mislead and incite young people. “But the youth of our country realize the antics and political ploys of the opposition parties including the Congress. As of last Saturday, 94,281 applications have been received by the Indian Air Force in response to the Agnipath program .

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