Congressional government expected to present 5-year, not 72-day performance: Jai Singh Rouri


The Punjab’s Aam Aadmi (AAP) party called the 72-day performance of the Congressional government presented by Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi a bundle of lies and betrayal with the Punjabis.

Kultar Singh Sandhwan (Photo credit: AAP Digital)

New Delhi:

The Punjab’s Aam Aadmi (AAP) party called the 72-day performance of the Congressional government presented by Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi as a bundle of lies and betrayal against the Punjabis. The AAP said Congress Chief Minister Channi has been making announcements to the people of Punjab for the past 72 days, in fact, working for the good of the people is not their goal. The Congressional government should present the people of the Punjab with their full 5 years, not 72 days.

AAP MP Jai Singh Rouri, spokesman Neil Garg and attorney Dinesh Chadha held a press conference at party headquarters on Friday to expose the lies contained in Chief Minister Channi’s newsletter, while addressing the same MP Jai Singh Rouri said: “Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi made a vicious attempt to deceive the people of Punjab in the name of presenting the 72 day performance of the Congressional government because the Congressional government did not waived the electricity bill, nor made water cheaper, sand was not made cheap nor drugs, alcohol, the transport mafia were eradicated from the state ”.

The MP further said that in order to defraud the people of Punjab, Chief Minister Channi showed the electricity bill that arises from the waiver of 200 electric units on a 1kW load of SC and BC categories and that the program has already been implemented in the pre-Congress state. Jai Singh Rouri said that only announcements were made by Chief Minister Channi on behalf of Aid to the People, which is why he is now referred to as Chief Minister Ailanjit Singh, as overdue bills until two kilowatts of charging are also for the poor have not yet been exempted, as evidenced by the deputy when presenting the electricity bill of one of these class SC families to the media.

He said a bill of Rs. 7,800 was sent to this poor family and in that bill Rs. 7,000 / – was the old pay, but the chief minister announced the waiver of the old bills . The same lie is told by Channi about reducing water bills, when people are getting water bills at hundreds of rupees instead of 50 rupees. Regarding the Chief Minister’s presentation of the zero-cost electricity bill, Jai Singh Rouri said that even today, the Punjabis were getting heavy electricity bills that they had to borrow to pay them back.

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The truth is, the bill for poor families in Punjab has not been reduced to zero and the overdue bill has not been canceled. The AAP chief asked Chief Minister Channi to tell him how many power companies were left in the Punjab? What deadly power deals have been rescinded? Which cable mafia has been eradicated? Where is the backbone of the broken sand mafia? Jai Singh Rouri said the truth is that the Congressional government which has been pillaging the Punjab for five years on all fronts is trying to deceive the people with just 72 days of statements. The Congressional government has done nothing in favor of the people for the past five years, and as a result, the Channi government does not present the five-year bulletin to the people of Punjab.

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First published: 03 Dec. 2021, 22:44:36


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