Congress, govt clash on Twitter over tribal rights under new forestry rules | India News

NEW DELHI: The recently notified Forest (Conservation) Rules, 2022 sparked an intense Twitter clash between the opposition on Sunday Congress and the government with the latter refuting the former’s claim that the amended rules would deprive millions of dollars of tribal people and other people living in forest areas. The government said the new rules are, in fact, “reformative with the aim of streamlining the approval process under the law and allowing parallel processing under other laws and rules”.
“The allegation is an ill-informed attempt to show that the Rules do not care about the provisions of other laws. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government remains committed to protecting the rights of Adivasis (tribal people),’ Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav tweeted while responding to Congress leader Jairam Ramesh’s accusations against the government over changed rules.

On the key point and bone of contention where the Congress leader accused the government of watering down gram sabha rights by giving consent to projects before green clearance, Yadav said: “You are trying to insinuate a problem where none exist There is no dilution of FRA provisions as being misinterpreted since compliance with and compliance with FRA 2006 is specifically mentioned in the Rules before the State issues diversion orders.
“It is very much there and well supported under the provisions of the respective laws. The achievement and compliance of FRA 2006 is an independent process, which can be done at any stage by the States, but must be completed before granting approval for land diversion I’m afraid we can’t see a point if we decide not to… I’ll rest my case on that.
It all started when Ramesh, a former environment minister, posted a one-page note on Twitter, highlighting how state governments will come under even greater pressure from the Center to speed up the land diversion process. forests to the detriment of land and livelihoods. rights of tribal peoples and other families living in the country’s forest areas.
He also pointed out that the new rules were enacted without any consultation or discussion with stakeholders, including Parliamentof the Standing Committee on Environment and Forestry, and stated that the issue/amendments would be challenged at the next session.
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also took to the microblogging site to flag the issue, tweeting: “Modi-Mitr’ Sarkar to his best mate! UPA Forest Rights Act 2006. Congress strongly supports our Adivasi brothers and sisters in their fight to protect Jal, Jungle and Zameen. »

Although Yadav in his detailed memo, posted in response to Ramesh’s tweets and allegations, clarified all the points and stressed that no rule or provision of any act is diluted and the process has been streamlined to reduce delays Coming to the final decision, Ramesh asked him not to “evade the main question” and wondered if his government was making the “Gram Sabha” irrelevant? “You may not have been informed properly. Your new rules go against the 2015 memo from the Ministry of Tribal Affairs…” Ramesh tweeted.

Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda, however, tried to link the issue to “the fact that the NDA presidential candidate is a tribal woman”.
“…The allegation that the current government is trying to wrest tribal rights has no basis and is a vain attempt to distract from the fact that the NDA presidential candidate is a tribal woman,” he tweeted.

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