congress: government should stop defrauding Indians: Congress on reports of possible change in GST rates

The government should “stop gouging” Indians already reeling from record inflation and high taxes, Congress said on Monday citing reports of a possible change in GST rates. Congress Secretary General and Chief Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala has claimed that the government is preparing to impose a new dose of taxes amounting to Rs 1.5 lakh crore by raising the goods and services tax slab (GST) lowest from 5% to 8% even when people suffer from high tax burden.

“Preparing to impose new taxes of Rs 1.50,000 crore. Modi government is finding new ways to mow down Indians by increasing GST slab from 5% to 8%,” he said on Twitter.

He worried that many everyday items, including spices, tea and sugar, would become more expensive if the GST slab was raised.

“People are already suffering even before the GST increase from 5% to 8%. Wholesale inflation hits a new high of 14.55% in March. Prices for gasoline/diesel-gas-CNG- PNG-lemon-veg destroyed everyone’s budget. Stop scamming Indians for God’s sake!” Surjewala said in a tweet.

“A new inflation record every month…Wholesale price inflation (WPI) hit a new high of 14.55% in March, down from 13.11% in February. Friends of TV and media is only interested in Hindu-Muslims while people’s budget is bleeding,” he also said.

Surjewala said he is also concerned that charcoal, biogas, fertilizers, life-saving medicines, incense sticks, hearing aids and the braille watch will become expensive as these items currently fall under the 5% bracket. of the GST.

He referred to a news report that cites sources to say that the GST Board, at its meeting next month, will likely consider a proposal to remove the 5% slab by moving certain mass consumer goods to 3% and the rest at 8 percent.

Currently, the GST has four bands at 5, 12, 18 and 28%. There is also a list of exemptions for items such as unbranded and unpackaged food products.

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