Congress government demolishes three 300-year-old temples in Rajasthan, also demolishes idols of Shiva and Hanuman

Jaipur: A The 300-year-old Shiva temple at Sarai Mohalla in Alwar district of Rajasthan has been demolished with a bulldozer. There was resentment among Hindutva organizations for climbing the Shivalaya while wearing shoes and operating cutting machines on the idols. In protest, a complaint was filed against MPs EO, SDM and Rajgarh in the municipality for filing a complaint at the police station. However, due to the political unrest, the police have yet to register any cases.

The BJP is also attacking the Congress Gehlot government over this. The head of the BJP’s IT cell, Amit Malviya, said it is the secularism of Congress that hurts the faith of Hindus. Malviya tweeted: “A 300 year old Shiva temple has been demolished in the name of development in Alwar, Rajasthan… Shedding tears on Karauli and Jahangirpuri and hurting the faith of Hindus – this is congress secularism. ” In another tweet, Amit Malviya said: “On April 18, Rajgarh city administration in Rajasthan bulldozed homes and pucca shops of 85 Hindus without notice.”

Rajasthan Minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas alleged that the BJP was lying. The Chairman of the Municipal Body Council of Rajgarh belongs to the BJP. They demolished temples and houses to enlarge them by bringing a proposal to the council. The temple was demolished at their request. While our member, that is to say the Congress, continued to oppose. Government minister Gehlot promised that if there were no legal obstacles, he would have the temple rebuilt.

What’s the problem:-

Indeed, a case of demolition of three Hindu temples at Rajgarh in Alwar has come to light. Under the guise of encroaching on the master plan, the Rajgarh administration demolished three 300-year-old temples. The idols of Lord Shiva, Hanuman ji and other deities installed in these temples were vandalized and when locals protested they were forcibly removed by the police. The incident was a topic of discussion throughout the region. Since April 17, such cases have been continuously coming to light in Rajgarh.

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