Congress government could repeat in Rajasthan with Sachin becoming CM: Gudha

Jaipur | In Rajasthan, Sainik’s Minister of State for Social Affairs, Rajendra Singh Gudha briefed former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot on the future of Congress in the state and said that after becoming Minister of leader, the Congress government would be formed again in the next assembly elections as it stood. Said this thing. He answered a question: “My personal opinion is that Sachin Pilot should become chief minister, but the decision must be taken by the high command. He said that Mr. Pilot has reached in two hundred State Assembly constituencies and is a leader of thirty six com, is young and can rehearse the government of Rajasthan upon his arrival.

He said that Mr. Pilot is the future of Congress in Rajasthan and with his arrival we will repeat the Congress government in Rajasthan. The decision must be taken by the high command. On another issue, Mr. Gudha said that the chief minister would be the one the high command would decide. Regarding Sunday’s developments, Mr. Gudha said that it has caused a great loss to the state that we have declined to become President of the Rajasthan Congress in India. On the question of Mr. Gehlot not becoming president now, he said that in my opinion he has now turned away from becoming president.

Calling Sunday’s developments blatant indiscipline, he said the day MPs become one-on-one every MP will say the high command will say they are acceptable to us. On the question of the action of the high command on development, he said that the high command acts. He said top Congress leader Kamal Nath was called from Madhya Pradesh and when top leaders asked why he should talk to the Chief Minister, Mrs Sonia Gandhi used every moment and Mr Pilot went to Delhi .

On being named chief minister among the 102 MPs who backed the government in times of political crisis, Gudha said he was also one of them. He said that Shri Ramesh Meena, Murari Lal Meena, Vishvendra Singh, Brijendra Ola and Hemaram Chaudhary were not among those 102 MPs, so why were they appointed ministers. If he can become a minister, why not Mr. Pilot. He said about Food Minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas that he was not like a minister he became Gabbar Singh from movie Sholay. On the issue of the resignation of 92 deputies, he said that 92 people cannot come on a bus and that other people were sitting in this bus next to the deputies, so it was 92 deputies, it is a lie. He said the deputies were misled and taken away. He said now people are seeing what MPs Ganga Devi, Jitendra Singh etc are saying.

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