Congress government: Cong needs medicine more than wishes, party leadership has no time to sort things out: Azad

Launching a fresh attack on Congress, its former leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said on Monday that the party needed drugs to treat him, which are provided by compounders rather than doctors. Azad also accused management of not having had time to get the organization back on track.

Speaking to reporters at his residence, Azad, who quit the party last Friday, alleged that projected leaders in the party in the states were driving party members away instead of uniting them.

He also said he would not join the BJP as it would not help his politics in Jammu and Kashmir and that he would soon establish a new party there as assembly elections could be announced at any time.

“I send my best wishes to Congress, but the party needs medicine more than it wants. And those medicines are supplied to Congress by compounders rather than doctors,” he told reporters.

“The party leadership does not have time to straighten things out within the party. The leaders promoted in the states incite people to leave the organization rather than uniting them to the party,” Azad also said in attacking the party leadership.

He said that the foundation of the party has become very weak and the organization may fall at any time and that is why he and some leaders have decided to leave it.

Azad also questioned the DNA of those who interrogated him and accused these congressional leaders of conspiring and “sowing information” against party leaders and thereby weakening the organization.

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