Congress, government clash with Lok Sabha over donations to PM Cares Fund


Congress and government exchanged pikes at Lok Sabha on Monday for donations to the PM Cares Fund, with the opposition party alleging that the LIC gave money to the corpus instead of providing benefits to the people and the minister union Anurag Thakur retaliated against him about the Rajiv. The Gandhi Foundation accepts funds from China. During Question Time, Acting Congress Leader Lok Sabha Ravneet Singh said migrant workers and the poor suffered during the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

“They didn’t get the benefits they should have been getting. LIC only gave their funds to PM Cares. Why is this?” Bittu alleged and asked the minister not to give a “political response”.

President Om Birla told Singh that if he asks a political question, he should get a political answer.

Responding to Singh, Thakur, who is the minister of state at the finance ministry, said during the lockdown that migrant workers have encountered difficulties returning home.

Thakur listed the measures taken by the government to provide relief to migrant workers during the lockdown.

“There have been instances where someone donated the entire pension amount to the PM Cares Fund. Even those who got a salary through the MNREGA program also donated to the PM Cares Fund just to help. the others, ”Thakur said.

The Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Emergency Relief Fund (PM CARES) was established in March last year with the main objective of dealing with any type of emergency like this currently posed by the COVID-19 epidemic and to come to the aid of those affected. .

Several public sector companies (PSU), government employees contributed money to the fund.

The money was also used for various initiatives related to the coronavirus, the minister said.

“But there is a family in the country that established the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and took care of their accounts. Through the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, these people did not even prioritize the National Fund of Prime Minister’s relief, ”Thakur said.

“This party (Congress) has filled (the accounts) of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. They feel the pinch because their account has now been closed. The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation has also taken money from China,” said Thakur.

The leader of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, was present in the House during this period.

Thakur said that several accounts were created under the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation through which money was taken from different PSUs. The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation is headed by the Acting President of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi. According to the RGF website, it also counts Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra among its members.

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