CM resigns as congressional government falls in Pondicherry: the Tribune India


New Delhi, February 22

The congressional-led coalition government in Pondicherry fell on Monday after Chief Minister V Narayanasamy and his four-member cabinet resigned ahead of the vote on the confidence motion in the assembly.

The ruling alliance had become a minority on Sunday after the departure of two deputies (one from Congress and one from the DMK). Even though President VP Sivakolundhu declared the confidence motion rejected today, the CM declared that the motion had not been put to the vote and that the President’s statement was “invalid”.

Congress and the DMK criticized the BJP for “democracy murder” saying they would seek legal advice on whether the appointed MPs could vote on a confidence vote. Narayanasamy and his cabinet left the assembly before the confidence motion was passed, demanding that the president bar the three nominated BJP deputies from voting.

Previously, the CM had accused the BJP and the former LG Kiran Bedi of having thwarted the development plans of Pondicherry and of having caused the current crisis.

In the 33-member assembly, Congress won 15 seats in 2016 and came to power with the support of three DMKs and one independent member. The seven vacant seats (five congressmen and one from DMK resigned while one congressman was disqualified) brought the effective strength of the House to 26.7 and the 3 nominated deputies of the BJP). The opposition has said it has no plans to push for the formation of a government yet. – TNS

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