Bommai Blames Former Congress Government of Karnataka for Gridlock in Bengaluru | bangalore

As Bengaluru continues to face severe waterlogging due to heavy downpours, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Tuesday blamed the ‘bad administration’ of the former Congress regime in the state for the current situation. , a claim that the opposition rejected.

“In these difficult conditions, we are working. Secondly, this (floods and other problems in Bangalore) is due to the bad administration and unplanned administration of the previous Congress government. It is the result of bad administration by the government. They (Congress) gave permission right, left and center (for construction) in the lakes, reservoir levees and buffer zones, that’s the reason for it. They never maintained that. Now we took it as a challenge,” Bommai said.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has held power in the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the municipal corporation since 2010 and the party has governed from 2008 to 2013 and since 2019.

The statements come even as large parts of Bengaluru, particularly Mahadevapura, Bommanahalli and the eastern area of ​​the city, are experiencing gridlock, disrupting traffic and disrupting the lives of residents and office workers.

“I gave 1500 crores for all that storm sewer. Yesterday I gave another 300 cr to remove all encroachments and make the pakka (permanent) structure on Rajakaluve (storm drains) so that in the future there is no obstacle or bottleneck for the flow of water water,” added the Chief Minister.

The chief minister said the administration was working around the clock to solve the city’s congestion problem. He said control rooms had been set up to fix the problems.

“We took it as a challenge. Our officers, engineers, workers and the SDRF team work 24X7. We eliminated a lot of encroachments. And we will continue to clean them. We install valves on the tanks so that the tanks can be well managed. We have started dewatering in most places. We gave 1,500 crore for water drainage in Bangalore while another 300 crores were donated to remove the encroachments. We will ensure that in the future there will be no obstacles to the flow of water,” he said.

Tractors, earthmoving machinery and boats have been deployed to several localities in Bengaluru to help rescue residents as well as people wishing to cross roads to reach their offices near Outer Ring Road (ORR), the 17 km stretch between Silk Board and KR Puram, home to some of the world’s largest companies and one of the city’s largest technology corridors.

Replying to the Chief Minister, Congress State Speaker DK Shivakumar on Tuesday urged Bommai and his administration to “hold or face elections”.

He also alleged that the “corrupt” BJP government and its officials were responsible for the current situation in Bengaluru.

“If there was any encroachment during the term of the Congress, let them (BJP) clarify it, they had five years before, they had five years ago now, they should have done it…not playing for that they were in power and blaming previous Congress governments instead, that’s not right,” Shivakumar said, reacting to the chief minister’s statement.

Speaking to city reporters, he said such a situation had never happened during the term of Congress.

“It is because of your corruption and the corruption of your officials. The Chief Minister must bear this in mind. People gave you an opportunity. In case you are not able to play, let’s go to the elections, ”he added.

Rains in Bengaluru and other parts of the state have brought life to a standstill as homeowners mourn the loss of their belongings and belongings.

“If we look at rainfall data from 1971, it is the second highest rainfall in September after 1998. But it is one of the wettest monsoons in the history of Bengaluru,” Tushar Girinath said. , Chief Commissioner of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP, the city’s civic body) said on Monday, HT reported.

As the city of Bengaluru received 131.6mm of rainfall in a 24-hour period ending Monday morning, experts pointed out that this showed that India’s cyber capital was ill-prepared to deal with rainfall events. extremes due to poor planning or lack thereof.

Photo from Bengaluru City on Monday showed water chaos with boats being used to rescue stranded residents in the Mahadevapura and Bommanahalli areas of the city which are among the worst affected due to heavy downpours.

In several localities in the city, tractors were used to transport people from their homes to safer places and JCBs were used to deliver food to people stuck in multi-storey housing complexes.

Drinking water supply has been hit in Bangalore after at least two of the four pump stations at TK Halli Reservoir in Mandya district were flooded after heavy rains on Sunday evening.

“Yesterday I visited TK Halli pump stations in Mandya district which supplies Bangalore with water. Bheemeshwari (water) river entered the pump station and two pump stations were affected. One of them is completely dried up (drained), and by tonight, 330 mld of water supply will start. Another 550 mld of water will start this afternoon. It will take another two days to sort this out,” said said Bommai on Monday.

An alternative plan has been formulated for Bangalore’s water supply, he said. Around 8,000 boreholes under the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) and 4,000 under the BBMP will be activated, and they will supply water during the disruption of Cauvery’s water supply to the areas.

Water in tankers will be supplied on behalf of the government to areas where there are no boreholes, he added. “I ask for people’s cooperation for the next 2-3 days.”

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