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Greater Municipal Corporation: BJP wins ‘majority’, but Congress government-decided mayor manages urban government

The BJP has a majority on the board of the Jaipur Greater Municipal Corporation, but Sheel Dhabhai, the Congress government-appointed mayor, holds the chairmanship of the mayor’s corporation. Although Sheel Dhabhai is a company of the BJP itself, the BJP is not an authorized candidate for mayor and the BJP has not yet given consent for his nomination. The name of the new mayoral candidate could not be decided last year, even after controversies due to mutual struggle and factionalism among top BJP leaders and advisers.
Congress also extended work last year by appointing Sheel Dhabhai as mayor. A group of BJP advisers had also opposed it. BJP city chairman Raghav Sharma said the state leadership had formed a committee for the mayor. This committee will make the decision. Here, Deputy District Election Officer Amrita Chaudhary says that at present, no information has come out from the Elections Department regarding the mayoral election.
Jaipur Greater Municipal Corporation has 150 wards. The BJP has 88 councillors. Of these, four BJP leaders were sacked. BJP MPs Kalicharan Saraf, Narpat Singh Rajvi and Ashok Lahoti want to be appointed mayors of their region. While most BJP councilors favor keeping current mayor Sheel Dhabhai in place, one section is pushing internally for a new mayor. Last year, a meeting of about 50 councilors was also held in a hotel. Current Mayor Sheel Dhabhai, Councilor Rashmi Saini, Raju Devi Saini, Sukhpreet Bansal, Sanju Chaudhary and Bharti Lakhyani are also claimed as mayoral candidates. It is said that if the BJP mayor is unable to become mayor due to internal rebellion, then state and city officials will be tarnished nationally. In such a situation, the decision is postponed for the time being.
BJP councilor Soumya Gurjar was appointed mayor in November 2020. On June 6, the government suspended Soumya Gurjar, two presidents and a councilor after a difference of opinion with the commissioner in the litigation case of the company of cleaning. Then, the Congress government appointed BJP councilor Sheel Dhabhai as mayor. In January 2022, Soumya took over. Following the Supreme Court’s order, the government sacked Soumya on September 27.

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