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Dharamsala: The establishment of the Central University in Kangra District is a long battle, which has been going on for over eight years, and the institution is still operating in a state government university building in Shahpur, near here. The high-ranking national educational institution has yet to find its own land, its own buildings, etc. ………. It is all a matter of politics between Congress and the BJP. Congress says the university was awarded about 10 years ago by the Congressional government for Dharamshala. The last BJP government in Dhumal divided it into two campuses, due to the unavailability of land in Dharamshala, and its main area was allocated to Dehra in the parliamentary constituency of Hamirpur. Virbhadra Singh, head of Congress, the current state government calls it a plan to give an advantage to BJP MP from Hamirpur, Mr. Anurag Thakur, who is the son of ex CM PK Dhumal.

A large area of ​​land was allocated by the previous BJP state government to Dehra and the current government first allocated land to Indru Nag in Dharamshala for CU, which was declared unsafe by the central government in Modi, and later the present government gave land near Jatrangal to Dharamshala. This was then authorized by the Department of Human Resources earlier this year. Only the formalities to obtain deforestation were there.

Meanwhile, ex-CM and senior leader, BJP MP Mr. Shanta Kumar, recently said: “The central government has authorized that the main CU campus will be located in Jadrangal (Dharamshala) and the rest in Dehra and we have to agree to this. The land transfer formalities were still expected from the HP government side, if the government does not do it in time, we will do it after December, when the main BJP government takes office within from HP.

Central University of Kangra

On the other hand, Sudhir Sharma, the state’s urban development minister who is also a deputy for Dharamshala recently said:, The Indru Nag site is being observed. In addition, a new proposal was sent to the Ministry of Human Resources Development in which 4 to 5 sites, including Narwana, Jadrangal and others in and around Dharamshala, were recommended.

The minister added: “I am not against Dehra, some colleges of the Central University can also be established there. When a project is centrally assigned to a state, it is the prerogative of the state concerned to select the site and area for its installation, and that is exactly what the Himachal government does.

More than 160 hectares of land were available in Dharamshala against only 81 hectares in Dehra, said the minister adding that the lands in some localities of Dharamshala required authorizations before being transferred to CU and as soon as this is done, the first stone would be asked. HP Cabinet also decided categorically to establish the new central university in Dharamshala.

Human Resources Development Minister Prakash Jawedker told the Institute for Advanced Studies in Shimla today that the state government is not serious about setting up UC because the necessary formalities are not performed by the HP government. The minister said that even the money required to obtain the environmental clearance was not deposited until now. The minister said the central green light has already been given for the Dehra and Dharamshala campuses, if the current HP government does not work on the formalities, the BJP will do so as soon as it comes to power at HP.

On the other hand, Anuraag Thakur, speaking to a group of students in Shahpur today, said that only the CU administrative block will be lifted in Dharamshala and rest in Dehra. He said classes will be held in Dehra as soon as the BJP takes office at HP.

The Central University of Himachal Pradesh is currently operating from the temporary academic block which is established in Shahpur, near Dharamsala. This university had been allocated to Kangra district but has not been able to find its place so far and is managed from Shahpur for temporary courses although sufficient space has been approved by the Congressional and BJP governments in Dharamshala and in Dehra. The university was founded in 2009 as a result of government policy to establish central universities in each of the states that do not yet have a central university.

Arvind sharma

Arvind Sharma is an award-winning bilingual journalist with over 20 years of experience. He has worked with Divya Himachal, Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhasker, Vir Partap, Ajit and PTI. In 2010, he received the Himachal Kesri Journalism Award. He reports on the Tibetan government in exile, politics, sports, tourism and other topics. He lives in Dharamsala.

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