BJP and Congress woo MP’s tribal community ahead of election

The BJP and Congress are expected to woo the Madhya Pradesh tribal community ahead of the upcoming 2023 Panchayat, Urban Body and Assembly elections.

Madhya Pradesh has a large tribal population (around 21 percent). Therefore, both parties are eyeing the tribal vote bank to win the election.

Of the 84 assembly constituencies where tribals are abundant, the BJP won 34 in the 2018 parliamentary elections, while in 2013 it won 59 constituencies. Thus, the party lost 25 seats in 2018.

In 2013, out of a total of 47 State Assembly constituencies, reserved for tribals, the BJP won 31 seats, while Congress won 15. While in the 2018 elections, the BJP did not won only 16 seats and Congress won 30 seats.

From then on, the BJP is now trying to bridge the gap that cost it first place in the 2018 polls by bringing the state’s tribals back into its fold.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a speech in Madhya Pradesh on November 15 as the BJP celebrated Tribal Pride Day on the anniversary of the birth of Birsa Munda, a tribal chief.

A grand closing ceremony is also scheduled in Mandla on November 22 to mark the end of Tribal Pride Week. Likewise, on the day of Tantya Bhil’s sacrifice on December 4, a program will take place in Patalpani d’Indore.

Meanwhile, Congress, which is also trying to maintain support, hosted a meeting of lawmakers and tribal leaders in Bhopal on November 24.

The growing efforts and intensified campaigns by both sides to secure their tribal vote bank prove that the community has the power to swing elections in the state.

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Posted on: Sunday November 21, 2021 3:54 PM IST

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