Another collapsing congressional government

It is a known fact that Acting Congresswoman Sonia Gandhi, who is pushing ahead with her agenda to build the party across the country and return the party to power in several states, is taking the prashant political strategist Anda kishore to this extent.

Owaipu says upheaval has resurfaced in a key state where the party is in power as she works to strengthen the party. Sachin Pilot, youth leader of Rajasthan, met her and suggested that she be given the pedestal of the CM.

The government of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has been rocked by a series of uprisings by several MPs who support him, including Sachin Pilot, last year. With this, the congress leaders decided to remove pilot sachin from the position of deputy chief of the CPC CM.

Subsequently, talks were held and an attempt was made to reach an agreement between the two leaders. Recently, however, Sachin Pilot’s proposal has been floated by Delhi bigwigs.

According to sources in Delhi, Sachin Pilot recently met Sonia Gandhi in Delhi to discuss Rajasthan affairs and her future. pilot sachin seems to have put before chief pilot sonia gandhi the fact that he wants to work as chief minister.

Sachin Pilot spoke to reporters after meeting Sonia. the institutional affairs of rajasthan were discussed on the strength of the party.

The pilot revealed that Sonia had suggested that Congress be brought back into power. He said Rajasthan had a tradition of changing governments every five years, but if they worked hard and moved in the right direction, the congress would return.

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